Age: 31
Hair: Black
Country: Ukraine
Eyes: Brown
Height: 163 cm
About: If you don’t know Mirela yet, go check her galleries. Raven-haired, beautiful, long legs, when you’ll see her, you will immediately fall for her.
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  • Albums: 4
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CasualObserver Nov 10, 2018

A tantalizingly super-sexy, only-scantily-older beauty! Relative age is - admittedly - a ridiculously-weak aspect for me to even mention. Compared with me, she is very, very, very young - and looks far younger, still, than the age recorded here. I will just wind-back my well-extended eyes, into their sockets, after they involuntarily shot forward, on seeing this angel!

Slimehouse Aug 27, 2017

Alex Lynn really discovered this girl. She has been published before quite a lot. Here for the first time she looks spectacular.

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