Mary Lin

Mary Lin
Age: 21
Hair: Blond
Country: Ukraine
Eyes: Gray
Height: 175
About: She's blonde. She's beautiful. On her lips you read: "Kiss me." But take care. Don't underestimate her. She's hot. She will show you her body and you imagine you're deepest desires coming true. She's naughty. Maybe her deepest desires will surprise you when you get aware of them. She's hungry. She's definitely everything you ever wanted. The one she chooses to satisfy her needs will be the luckiest one in the world. And lose his heart forever to wonderful Mary Lin.
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  • Albums: 15
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Tristan_Heart Jul 16, 2018

Mary is definitely one of my favorites at the moment, there's just something about her :-)

I don't know why, but I have always wanted to see what she'd look like with a ponytail, if you guys shoot with her again at some point in the future I would love it if you could do a set like that hehe ;-)

In any case I love what you guys have done with her so far, including the work you have done with her as contributing artists for other sites :-)

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