Cara Mell

Cara Mell
Birthday: N/A
Hair: Brown
Country: Hungary
Eyes: Green
Height: 168 cm
About: Cara Mell is our Supergirl! Not only she is incredibly gorgeous from every angle, and always has a huge smile, but above all, she is a sweetheart!
  • Videos: 9
  • Albums: 28
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Tristan_Heart Aug 11, 2018

Even from the very first shoot I ever saw her in, I felt no hesitation in predicting Cara becoming a legend in the industry and I still stand by that. If she stays on that same path that she is currently traveling, she will be one of those models that will be reflected on long after she has retired. A truly stunning girl and I think it is fair to say that the work she has done here in collaboration with team Alex is equally stunning.

Huge thanks and congratulations to both cast and crew ;-)

ianp Mar 26, 2018

Cara Mell has to be one of the most stunning women in the world. Theirs nothing to fault from head to tips of her toes she's is gorgeous.

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